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All images are @copyright of comun o tela

The process is key in comun o tela! through the process we learn , through the process we heal. textiles are an amazing tool to generate empathy and create dialogues between diverse audiences. with the help of institutions, local organizations, NGO's and all kinds of professionals. we will generate a safe space to talk and create. 

our aim is to deliver messages, to become and be a vessel to the voice of communities that otherwise cannot speak. 

the molas, traditional Colombian and Panamanian multilayered textile made by the kuna indigenous community is our main inspiration for approaching our textile making and workshops. for Comun o tela, every textile technique is symbolic, what we want is to carve and dig into the important subjects that need to be communicated and diffused in order to help communities thrive beyond any complicated context. each textile layer is filled with meaning, generating a very dynamic, poetic, and fun process for any kind of public.


comun o tela  will distribute its guidelines to the participants and to our funding insittutions

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